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Oct 8, 2008

You Can Get Pregnant While Breast Feeding?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, Jamie Lynn Spears is 8 weeks pregnant! JL didn't think she could get preggers while breast feeding, ok, that's someone who should be a parent! Apparently she's not sure if she is going to keep it (her friends tell her not to), her & her mother are freaking out about the pregnancy and I guess JL just told the baby daddy about it even though she didn't want to because she's still pissy about him cheating on her during the first pregnancy. Personally I think he's just as stupid as she is because he obviously believed that she couldn't get pregnant while breast feeding as well. Did these 2 not make it far enough in high school to attend sex ed? I'll bet she jumps up and down after sex too, you know, to keep the sperm from travelling in!! This story is just hysterical, I can't believe the utter stupidity of some people and really...this does nothing to help her family look less white trash.
photo courtesy of people.com
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Megan Petersen said...

unfortunately, if she took sex ed in michigan now it wouldn't help. we can only teach abstinence. yeah, that works.....

Kel said...

You have to be joking!! Welcome to the 50's kids, the best sex is no sex. Meanwhile young girls are getting pregnant by the homeless so they can be "cool".