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Oct 24, 2008

Bitter, Party of One...Your Table Is Ready

So I was surfing a dating site today on my lunch break & happened to stumble upon the profile of someone that I dated for like a minute about 12 years ago. The fella who I will not name thinks very highly of himself which is pretty funny because he's not all that (trust me) shit, he's not even close. I find great humor in him stating his profession as "rock star" well if he were really a rock star do you think he would need to be on a dating site looking for some action? Exactly. Anyway, here is his "about me", enjoy everyone & have a great weekend!!! I'm off to see NKOTB again tomorrow here in "the D" and I'm super excited!! Hopefully I'll have some pics to post.

So the douche bags that run this website removed 7 of my pictures because in one of them I was wearing a Halloween mask? So the other 6 that were perfect head shots weren't good enough? With that being said lets tell the truth about the "real" purpose of this website...

First, lets talk about the quality of women on here...I break it down to this...Some of the girls are fat(thank God for the headshot rule) The fat girls wouldn't get me to jerk off and throw it at them...and I think I speak for most dudes....so of course they have to crowd this site to get a date, get laid, or (lmao) find a boyfriend...Then there are a lot of single moms...young/old doesn't matter you are divorced, never married with baggage....Not interested...I don't care what you look like....When you are naked I don't want to see your wrecked body, or have to close my eyes cause I was bored and pretend you are Jessica Alba with D tatties....Next just plain ugly...Obviously you still haven't mastered photo shop and if you have...Guess what? You are still ugly...Hence your reason for being here....Then there is the small (like a ****ing grain of sand) group of girls that are goodlooking...Most of them never write you back anyways so what is the point? I realize I am far from a super model, but when I say hi...you can take 30 ****ing seconds to write back....I file them under stuck up ****es...No body would talk to them in real life cause they are ****es so to them hopefully they can kick around some dumbass from this site...Not me....Then the fake profiles...The girl in the bikini or smokin hot chick that has no reason to be on here in the first place...Obviously some dude who is bored, or some fat chick messing with guys to get revenge on them dissing her...Listen honey I didn't force the Oreos down your throat so quit wasting sever space...I dunno what is funnier the fake profile or the dumb **** that responds to it....

Now lets get to the real reason we (meaning men and women are on here) to get laid...Really? A first date were we can go on a walk? Have dinner? Talk? lmao? You are just gonna end up ass over ankles at some dudes place naked so skip the part were we spend money and get to "know you." Ladies do you really think you are gonna find a future husband or boyfriend on here? How naive? So don't put your are tired of games, looking for prince charming, blah blah blah...Cause you are not gonna find it on here....See the problem is no body is ever willing to talk about why they are really here...Men and women alike try a mask it with the hangout, or editing to no hook ups or sex...But really that is all they want...Fatties, single moms, ugly chicks, and even your occasional **** all need to get some sometime...So the birth of this comical website....

Stop before you get your panties in a bunch and decide to write me with a hateful message...I realize I am an ***hole...I don't need some chick with a mooseknuckle and b-i-t-c-h t-i-t-s to message me and tell me that..Feel free to send your opinions I guess..

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