"I Calls Em Like I Sees Em!"

Oct 23, 2008

I Call JenAnigans!

So now, the always accurate star magazine is saying that John & Jen are engaged & she popped the question! Shenanigans I say!! There is no way she would marry such a freaking tool box let alone be desperate enough to propose herself (at least I hope not). When he rushed TMZ & told them what actually happened with their break up he was so hopped up on drugs IMHO and Jen just really doesn't strike me as the type to be with someone like that. First they say she's pregs then she's getting married, someone...please tell me it's all rumors. If she is in fact engaged to that douche I will write her off, call her every name in the book, and feel bad that she was so lonely she married a total prick. I know she's a little more granola now that she's not with Brad anymore but seriously, I'd rather she marry Woody Harrelson than John Mayer. I normally don't pray but I think I might need to start & pray for Jen to regain her common sense. I'll bet John is one of those guys, we've all dated them (in our early 20's), the guy who treats you like crap but the sex is so good you can't walk away. I can't imagine sex with him would be that great, I'll bet they listen to his music while screwing...gross, now I'm just creeping myself out!
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