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Oct 1, 2008

Summer of Ecstasy

So as I woke up today I realized that it is fall, and while it’s my favorite season I hate to succumb to it. As I was sitting in my apartment the other day bundling up in a blanket I jumped online and looked at the weather desperately hoping to see that the temp would be going back up into the 70’s and it wasn’t. I suddenly felt a little sad and realized that summer is like a great ecstasy roll. The season shows up & it feels so good with the sun on your face & your windows rolled down & the breeze in your hair, you can’t wait to put on that cute sundress & flip-flops & be outside. Rather than freezing you are sweating just walking from your house to your car, you don’t need to use your remote start any more, you start enjoying the freedom that summer gives you. Road trips, beach visits, partying on a week night, watching the sun set at 9:30 pm, staying up late, playing hooky, drinking outside, watching fireworks, going to carnivals & garage sales & festivals…summer is just one thing after the other and it keeps up for a long time but sadly, not long enough. Suddenly you start to feel less free and as you begin coming down you fight so hard but then it gets chilly, it’s dark out & it’s 7pm, you are getting tired early, you have no plans this weekend, the partying, traveling, dancing it’s all slowing down & bringing you to the end of the fun you were just having. Whether you want to come down & accept the new season or not you have no choice, eventually you have to let it happen and stop fighting, you have to let summer go & learn to enjoy all the great smells & colors that fall has to offer you.
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1 comment:

mike said...

In California, summer isn't really like that because it's usually still pretty nice year round, but comparing it to an ecstasy roll helped me empathize with your post anyway. I actually feel the same way about Christmas.