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Oct 27, 2008

Trying to Nap at Work

So today is Monday & I’m tired as hell, I didn’t want to get out of bed so I’m really not feeling being at work & I’m writing this blog to keep myself awake during lunch. Since it is my lunch break though I certainly have the time for a 20 min nap but I’m not sure how to go about it. Here are some of the options I’m thinking of:

1. Curl up under my desk, I’m pretty small so I’d fit & people might not even notice me under there since I’m wearing black, I’d totally blend in.
2. One of my brokers gave me a key to his office, he no longer works here but I still have the key so I could totally sneak in there & nap for a few without anyone noticing.
3. Go home & go to bed, but by the time I fell asleep I’d have to come back
4. I do have the Yukon today & had I planned ahead the back of that beast is plenty large enough for me to curl up & sleep in.
5. Our conference room has benches all the way around it, so assuming that nobody has a client coming in I could totally sleep there…it’s dark & again, I’d totally blend in.
6. I could do what I’ve done at past jobs…go sleep in the bathroom, but then people would be like “dude, Kelly’s been in there a long time” I’d get blamed for any and all smells that may permeate from the bathroom all day & maybe even tomorrow.
7. I suppose I could go to CVS & nab a red bull but that would require energy…to get me to CVS
8. I could cut the power somehow & hope we’d get sent home which I doubt would happen, we lost power once for 2 hours & they made us wait it out.
9. I could claim that I have recently developed narcolepsy and just fall asleep randomly but they would probably want a note from my doctor…I could always have another coworker fudge one, right? Yeah, probably not.
10. I could suck it up & take advantage of the sweet ass coffee machine we have here & pour myself a piping hot Sumatra with a shot of espresso.

Number 10 is looking to be my most likely source of energy. At least I only have to make it 2.75 more hours & I spend the last half hour on the switchboard anyway so technically I only have to maintain alertness in my cube for 2.5 hours. I just wish that after work I could go home & get in my pj’s & go to bed, yes you heard me go to bed…skip all my shows & watch them on the DVR tomorrow. Unfortunately I’m not that lucky, I have to go to Dearborn after work & get my car from the shop & then give Doug the Yukon back but I will at least score a free meal out of it, yippee cause I’m broke!

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