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Oct 27, 2008

Jennifer Hudson Family Murders

So Friday night I'm sleeping & I get a random text message from a friend of mine that lives in Chicago informing me that one of his coworkers just got popped for killing Jennifer Hudson's mother. This was very confusing to me as I knew nothing of the murder to begin with, I assumed that maybe the murder happened years ago & they were just now getting somewhere. Well, I was wrong as I learned the next day that her mother & brother were both found brutally murdered in their home on the south side of Chicago on Friday and Jennifer's nephew had been taken. At the beginning the police assumed this was a personal dispute that turned awful but quickly found out they were wrong. Jennifer had to be the one to identify the bodies and that must have been awful! She is now offering up 100K for her nephew's safe return. The only current suspect is a man by the name of William Balfour who is being held but has not been charged with anything. He's the estranged husband of Hudson's sister & apparently has a very shady past & is currently on parole after spending 7 years in prison for attempted murder, hijacking a vehicle, and possession of a stolen vehicle.

*It seems the body of a young boy was found dead in an SUV this morning, the identity of the body has yet to be confirmed, nor has the make or color of the vehicle. The vehicle they were searching for was a white Suburban. It's sad but I'm assuming this is her nephew, if Mr. Balfour did indeed commit the crime(s) in question, he was not with the child when taken into custody on Friday so that is what leads me to believe that he took the boy & then murdered him before taking off on his own. I'll post any more updates I receive as the day continues. My thoughts are with Jennifer & her family during this horrific time.

* 10/28/08: It was in fact her nephew's body that was found in the SUV, the gentleman who was arrested has not been charged with anything linked to the crime as of yet. He is still in custody regarding a parole violation.

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