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Oct 21, 2008

Worst Show This Season

So I watched the premiere of Kath & Kim a couple weeks ago & thought "boy this is pretty stupid but I'll give it another week" so I did, big mistake! This show is the worst show on television right now, including local public access. Considering the amazing cast this show has I really thought it would be great, but when the writing is shit it really doesn't matter who is on the show now does it? I don't get it, do the writers actually think it's funny? Does anyone? I'm guessing that the actors on the show don't even think it is funny. Selma Blair is really overacting the character and I don't know if it's to compensate for the writing or what but she's not doing herself justice. This show really needs to be canceled before it gets worse & shame on NBC for airing it, I really thought higher of them.
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