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Oct 13, 2008

A Slave To My DVR

A friend suggested that I blog about my TV addiction & actually sit down & figure out just how many TV shows I watch. What’s the sad truth? The sad truth is that in total I actually watch 60 different TV shows. Now, I will break these down for you here but before you freak out you should know this total includes shows that aren’t currently on as well as those I watch OnDemand during down time and shows I’ll watch but aren’t a must see. So as of today I must see 21 shows every week with Saturdays off and if I have no plans I usually use that time to watch movies. Ok, let’s break it down & check out my viewing pleasures, which at a glance is a dead give away that I’m a chick & it also appears that I’m in the 15-20 age bracket most days!

Mondays: Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Two & a Half Men, The Hills, and Exiled.

Tuesdays: 90210, Rachel Zoe Project (season almost over), Real Housewives of Atlanta

Wednesdays: America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway (season almost over), Private Practice

Thursdays: The Office, Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style, just picked up Kath & Kim (though it’s stupid & I don’t think it will last) and 30 Rock

Fridays: The Starter Wife

Sundays: Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Entourage, Dexter, Californication

Now, let’s not forget the shows that I watch that are currently off-season or run a shorter season so they haven’t started yet. These shows are: Nip Tuck, Damages, The L Word, Life of Ryan, Big Love, The Cho Show, Big Brother, Swingtown, Weeds, My Life On the D List, Shear Genius, Flipping Out, and Million Dollar Listing, The Mole.

This isn’t the end either, there are a couple shows that I watch OnDemand when other things are on a rerun or I have nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon. They are: True Blood , Ace of Cakes, and Run’s House currently. There are probably others that I watch as well that just aren’t currently available OnDemand.

I’m sure you thought this would be it but we can’t forget the 22 shows that I watch when nothing is on or I’m just flipping around waiting for something to come on later, these shows are also what I might find myself watching at night in bed as I fall asleep and they are: Dog the Bounty Hunter, Mindfreak, Intervention, Bridezillas, Say Yes to the Dress, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Bikini or Bust, Platinum Weddings, Tori & Dean, Family Guy, Beverly Hills 90210, Cash Cab, TMZ, Golden Girls, Roseanne, Friends, Frasier, Little People Big World, What Not To Wear, LA Ink, Top Design, American Chopper.

Now, my list of shows seems to grow everyday now that I have the luxury of DVR. It’s pretty easy to watch this many shows when you are home 5 nights a week and usually 2 days as well. I will say that before I moved into my apartment this list was far smaller because I only had basic cable so I had to rent the HBO & Showtime shows so it was far more expensive, a hassle, and more time consuming so I usually only watched 1 at a time, unlike now!

In my defense I did drop a show this year, Grey's Anatomy is no longer enjoyable so I stopped watching it. I would have to say that watching all of this TV is crazy, but I will also say why didn't it ever occur to me to get a job in TV, or at least work for the cable company so I can get free cable?

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Paul said...

Dang girl, you need some hobbies! j/k But that shizz is cray-Z! (good way to save money though)