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Oct 15, 2008

On Again, Off For Real

So, according to Us Heidi & Lauren are back on and Guy & Mo are off. Apparently Heidi & jack ass were eating dinner where Lauren was having a party for her show during LA fashion week and Heidi asked if she could come in to congratulate Lauren. Well, she was allowed & after a conversation the 2 were hugging and all smiles. Good for them I guess, but Heidi has to get rid of Spencer & his flesh colored beard because I'm sure he bitched her out after the heart to heart in a sad attempt to continue controlling Heidi.

As for Guy & Mo, who knows what actually happened but it's been happening for some time. Guy was the one who apparently just said "let's move forward with the divorce" and the rumor mill is hopped up on this news for sure speculating that A Rod & Madonna were in fact intimate which partially led to the demise of her marriage. Personally I just don't think Madonna is the monogamy type, some people just aren't built that way, now I'm not saying her & A Rod for sure hooked up (personally I think she's way out of his league) but I am saying that I think she just gets bored being with one person. I also think the adopted son was a way for her to get to have the affection of someone else instead of cheating & possibly they thought it was a way for their marriage to get back to normal but when you are constantly working it's impossible to keep any romantic relationship afloat. Sooner or later, someone will get really antsy & move on, it's just reality.
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