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Oct 22, 2008

Guy Gets Slapped

And he tells Madonna she's fat! I'm sorry but I find this story to be quite humorous. I was reading all about the name calling, slaps, cheating...etc. in the new issue of Us and I just think it is funny. These things that happened happen in all relationships, my man pisses me off & I tell him his latest movie sucked then he tells me I'm a bad blogger & then I slap him & then he runs off & hooks up with some girl while I screw a pro baseball player then go home cover myself in lotion & wrap up in saran wrap & tell my man to sleep on the couch. This happens all the time, so why is it so special with these 2? I'll tell you why, it's because Madonna is involved. It really doesn't matter what or who she does or doesn't do, the bitch makes money in her sleep and that's the bottom line, just like MJ it doesn't matter how many mistakes she makes she's an icon, I mean he fondled kids & people will still pay top dollar to see him perform, why? Because of his name (we know it's not his face) it's a household name & those my friend make big bank regardless of their choices. Can I also add that I think A-Rod (other than his eyes) is a downgrade and Ritchie's new girl is very blah to say the least, that is her pic which I nabbed from wwtdd.com.
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Lisa said...

i thought that was a picture of jennifer love hewitt

Kel said...

lol, I think she kind of looks like Gillian Anderson

Paul said...

That's who I was thinkin of. Gillian Anderson. I don't see the Love Hewitt.