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Oct 17, 2008

Crazy Madonna

So I was reading my daily dose of Perez today & he posted some interesting info regarding the Madonna/Guy split.

Insiders say that the marriage "became less about passion and more about control" as Madonna's strange age-defiant rituals emerged.

In addition to forbidding them from watching TV, Madonna reportedly kept her family, and Guy, on a short leash, with strict dietary rules. At dinner everyone ate steamed fish with seasonal vegetables, and for breakfast, Madonna made Guy drink zero-fat smoothies. If Guy wanted a treat, he'd have to sneak down to the pub for one.

Instead of spending time with the fam, Madge spent more time at the gym with her personal trainer, much to the dismay of her husband. And at night, instead of a good old romp in the sack, Madonna preferred to spend hours bathing in pricey creams and zipping herself up in a plastic body bag, which is an ancient alien anti-aging method.

Well I was thinking about this split myself yesterday & while we all know that Madonna is one crazy bitch we all still love her, why, because she's Madonna. Anyway, I'm honestly thinking that because she's so busy all the time lathering up with creams & touring that she will probably keep Lourdes & David & leave Rocco with dad. I also assume that she will take the 2 properties in the states & leave the 2 in London to him. So there you go...divorce settled. To be perfectly honest, I hope that Guy gets a lot of her money, he effing earned it being Mr. Madonna for all these years. I feel so bad for him really, not her, she's fine, she's throwing parties & touring & doing A-Rod & got knows what else but my friends, I'm still super excited to see her next month!!!

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