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Oct 20, 2008

Nick Hogan to be Released

So it looks like Nick Hogan is getting out of prison next week or some such bull-shizz. He served 4 of 8 of the months that he was sentenced to. I'm sorry, but when you have made your best friend a veggie I really don't think that time off for good behavior should apply. Honestly, I think 8 months was pretty effing light considering that fact that his friend will likely be in a coma forever! For those of you who don't know what happened check out the video.

Now Brooke is all excited to see her brother which is understandable but check out her blog post on myspace.

"All I ask, is instead of making this harder, and putting evil things out there, you pray for John and for us, and leave words of inspiration. I know- like I know -like I know- John is gonna walk out of that hospital and things will be ok again. I know his strength and I know he can do it with our prayers...... To all the people who have been supportive- It has helped MORE than you will ever know. I can not thank you enough.....Please pray for my brothers safety too... this is a really tough time he has gone through and I know all he wants to do is show you, John and his family how much he cares and understands.ok.

Back to the happy stuff! .......I just can't wait to see my Nicky! Im gonna make him every kind of food you can possibly think of! Hes been living on bread an potatoes so far and I know some mac'n'cheese is gonna hit the spot! LOL"

Mac & cheese? For real? I know if I had spent 8 months eating bread & potatoes I'd want a hell of alot more than mac & cheese...how about some ribs, on top of chocolate cake with a beer on the side!
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