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Oct 10, 2008

Jewled Mayhem

Ok so I wanted to take a moment to complain about something, shocker eh? So about a month ago I was about to take part in the jewelry sales racket and I was put in touch with a woman (Laura) who is a manger in my area & she would be the person to train me, help me, the whole 9 and lucky for me she lived less than a mile away. So in the process of setting up my first party & all that she was very lax about responding to e-mail which is my preferred way to communicate so it was a bit annoying but we got through it and all worked out just fine. Well, my girl Wendy booked a party with me & when I got my sideways promotion at work I no longer needed to sell the jewelry so I let Laura know that I was no longer interested & that she needed to either do the parties I booked or get someone to them because I wasn't going to do them. So Wendy is like me, when she demands something she expects the fulfillment within 24-48 hours so she e-mailed Laura to ask questions & it took like a week to get a response. Wendy called Laura only to find her phone had been shut off so she emailed her again. Now Laura was very specific about the fact that invites go out 2 weeks before the show & always keep in close contact with your upcoming hosts, well obviously she doesn't take her own advice. Wendy's party is tonight & let me just tell you that she had a pretty large guest list of like 20 & guess who is going? Me! The invites weren't received until Monday & half of them never went out!!! What kind of shit is that? I'm sorry but that is no way to run a freaking business. Basically, if you are having a jewelry party don't have Laura host it...I know someone else who will return phone calls & emails & isn't too busy doing other things to keep a handle on her business. That's just so annoying when someone tells you how it MUST be & they don't follow those same rules. Tonight should be interesting...I'm getting drunk so I may end up telling her just what she can do with her jewels
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