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Oct 16, 2008

They Get Paid What?

Ok so one of my favorite celeb blogs which is just rude and offensive and awesome (wwtdd.com) posted an article this morning that made me want to vomit. I cannot believe how much cash these rich asshats are making that are on The Hills! I'm sorry, but they should be charging Spencer to be on the show...he is a waste of space & a total douche bag & the fact that he is making more in a week than I am in a year makes me want to stick a rusty nail in my eye!! I think it is complete and utter bull shit that these kids from rich families are getting even more rich for hanging out? At least Lauren, Audrina, and Heidi have actual jobs unlike Spencer who does nothing & then gets paid to treat people like shizz. The whole thing makes me sick, sick I say!!
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