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Oct 9, 2008

The Gosselins

Ok, these people are crazy! I was watching an episode of John & Kate Plus 8 last night and while I couldn't watch for more than 5 minutes due to the irritating noise of the children there were a couple things I noticed. First of all, John & Kate are only 31 & 33 & they look and act like they are in their 40's which I'm sure is the fault of having 8 children. Being a mom to even 1 kid ages you let alone having 8 of them. I happen to think that Kate is mean, not to the kids, but to her husband mainly because she treats him like he's her 9th child and constantly talks down to him & acts like he can't do anything right. Well, when you have that many kids it's pretty hard to get help (even from the dad) but you cannot expect others to do things the way you do. She really needs to lighten up on him before he goes totally bald. My main question regarding this show is who works? Where do they get their money? I've never seen either one of them leave for or come home from work so what's up with that? Are they living off of the government? Am I paying for all of those effing kids? If so, I want a refund because I don't want kids, therefore I don't think I should have to pay for another persons kids. If they are making that kind of money having a reality show then I want one too. It's not cheap to raise 8 kids & yourselves & it's especially not cheap to fly 10 people to Hawaii to renew vows. I know they say they are happy but seriously, I'm 1 year younger than John & I don't have the energy to take care of myself nor would I want to let go of my youth yet, I really wonder if they feel robbed at all? I mean yes, they signed up for what they are having to deal with but I'm sure there are times when they just want to walk out of the house & leave all the kids behind & run screaming to have their own identity back!! I also find it interesting that their families don't want to "participate" with the show, they aren't interested in being celebs...yeah right! They are just using that excuse to not have to watch 8 kids so mom & dad can go to dinner.

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