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Aug 25, 2008

Beautiful Portrait

Many of you probably remember me telling you the horrific story of my aunt's horse being attacked by 2 Pit Bulls and having to be put down due to the extensive damage to the poor girl. Well, a woman named Mimi McHale who is a local artist wanted to paint a portrait of Helvezia and she just finished it. She will be displaying the painting at the HVCA (Huron Valley Council of the Arts) for the month of September and then the portrait will go to Kara as a keepsake, being borrowed occasionally for various art shows. I wanted to share the portrait with everyone to keep Helvezia's spirit alive, she sure is missed by her family every single day.

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gretchin said...

I love that painting. Obviously the artist has the ability to channel or see or something to capture such an aura or feeling. Thank you for sharing this. I hope this brings peace to your aunt. I hope Mimi, the artist, continues to paint horses. I live in S. Dakota and love horses. I'm going to put this artist on my "to do" list. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

I think Mimi McHale has a lot of talent, and her latest pictures of horses are truly unique.
She is very caring for horses and other animals, and it shows in her painting
Keep up the good work, Mimi, you are truly an artist!

Anonymous said...

I think that this painting truely has feeling and movement in it. Mimi McHale really does an amazing job at capturing the very essence of anything she is painting, and I love her painting(s). Also, it was so nice of her to paint this for you. Keep on expressing yourself through your paintings Mimi, you have many stories yet to tell.

Jim Wohletz said...

Mimi is my older sister and has always bested me in the fine arts. Her work is so expressive and beautiful that I have to admit that I am experience the sin of envy. She just keeps producing more soulful and outrageous objects of art. It is wonderful to be related to her. Jimbo