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Aug 8, 2008

Kwame Update

Ok so Kwame appears to have been in and out of court all day & he now has to post 10% of a $25,000 bond to get out of a jail, he has been fitted for a tether & is not allowed to leave the state. This is the mayor of freaking Detroit & while I guess it's what is expected from the D it's still a huge embarrassment! If he would have just stepped down after the perjury thing then the focus on him & the city wouldn't be so strong but he's obviously too selfish to worry about the city. It just amazes me that he thinks he's some major celebrity & deserves all these special treatments...dude, you are no different than anyone who lives here & had I lied in court & pushed a cop I don't think I'd be sitting on my lunch break blogging, I'd be in prison for god knows how long!!
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