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Aug 6, 2008

My Makeup, My Makeup...

We all remember the old commercial for the zoo (if not see below) with all of the animals running around getting ready for the zoo to open and lucky for all of us, the zoo will remain open with the help of our tax dollars. It seems as though Oakland & Wayne counties appreciate the zoo more than Macomb county does being that O & W voted 3 to 1 while Macomb only voted 2 to 1, perhaps it’s because they live farther from it that its closing wouldn’t impact them too much. I don’t see why people wouldn’t have voted for it considering that the tax isn’t all that much…the average $200K homeowner will be taxed an extra $10 a year (sweet news for renters) and this minimal tax increase will generate an extra $15Mill a year for the preservation and operations of our lovely zoo!

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