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Aug 11, 2008

Olympic Opener

Did you guys see the opening ceremonies for the Olympics? Dudes, they were freaking rocking! I have never seen something so impeccable, detailed, ornate, entertaining, awesome...etc., in my entire life. I always knew that the Asians were very skilled, determined, precise, and dedicated but I had no idea how amazing this was going to be. I missed the first few minutes of the ceremonies but did catch about 90% of it and most of the time my mouth was wide open because I couldn't believe that so many people could be in sync with such perfection and without floor markings! Nothing compared to the actual lighting of the cauldron either, watching that guy "run" around the giant screen (they kept calling membrane and scrim & I wanted to vomit) with the torch until he reached the giant torch that had just randomly appeared, that was so cool. The entire thing was phenomenal and never again will we see something so amazing for another Olympic opener, I really don't think they could ever be beat! My major applause to the guy who designed the stadium and the entire opening ceremony. Don't forget to check the schedule so you don't miss your favorite events!!
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