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Aug 20, 2008

Million Dollar Listing

Do you guys watch this show? If not, you probably should! I was watching last night and a rerun this morning and basically the show is about 3 young (20's) guys living in the L.A. area who are Real Estate agents and focus on very high end homes. I can't stand 2 of the 3 guys (Josh & Chad) but I really like Madison, he's very nice & while he makes tons of money he doesn't seem as much like a pretentious prick as the others. Chad, this kid has a helmet of hair that drives me insane, he's very very into his looks which aren't that great, and he thinks very highly of himself while it seems like his dad really doesn't and I think that is a major reason why Chad is the way he is. Chad's boss is Rick Hilton (Paris' dad) and he seems to think that's pretty cool, you can hear it in his voice when he name drops. I feel sorry for his girlfriend because they are young & he's already asking her to move in with him, after a year of dating, not to mention the fact that the poor girl has to wait hours to leave the house so Chad can get ready. I'm not sure why he won't just jump in the shower while she is doing her makeup but whatever.

Josh is so full of himself, he thinks he's the greatest thing since sliced bread and is beyond arrogant. He's one of those people that I almost want to see fail...he's like 21 & has a beautiful home & pricey wardrobe & a pretty car & acts like his life will always be this splendid. In the first episode he makes a remark about his new jeans & how he got them on sale "they were only like 600"! Now, I don't have a major problem with him buying pricey things because he worked for them but I just don't think the word "savings" is in his vocabulary & when you are lucky enough to have that kind of money at a young age, you need to plan for the future.

Madison is cute, bi, and down to earth. He makes great money too but it doesn't show, sure he drives a nice ass car & lives in a nice place but if you just saw him out you wouldn't think he was as rich as he is because he doesn't flaunt it like Josh. Chad is kind of in between but let me warn you that his voice & the way he speaks is beyond annoying so if you can make it past that & his hair, you might actually enjoy the show. Of course the best part is getting to see these homes that are listed in the multi-million dollar price range.

If you do already watch, who is your favorite?

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