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Aug 28, 2008

Random Story

So last night I'm at my friend's house & someone else there said that his TV had an odd color to it & he said it was probably because it was dirty. I told him to clean it & he asks what to use, I suggest Windex of course & he says "no, I remember them saying not to use Windex" so I ask what did you use the last time you cleaned it? He thinks for a minute & says "I think a wet rag" and I say "you think, when was the last time you cleaned it".

Him- I can't remember
Me- How many times have you cleaned it
Him- Once
Me- When did you buy this
Him- 1998
Me- Shut the Fuck up! This TV is 10 years old & it's been cleaned once? What the hell is wrong with you? You should clean the TV at least once a month but more like once a week.
Him- Why?
Me- Walked away.

Honestly, I can be pretty dirty & messy but cleaning your TV once in 10 years is just insane! When I lived there I was lax on cleaning my TV (and everything else), but I did it about once every 2 to 3 months & in 2 months it would get nasty dirty!! I finally told him that he might want to try a hammer & chisel to clean it rather than a wet rag and he wonders why I moved out.
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