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Aug 15, 2008

DeGenerossi is Saying I Do!

So, Us Magazine tells us all that Ellen & Portia are getting married this weekend! I’m so excited for these two because they have been together for a long time so they must be absolutely thrilled. They appear to be so in love it’s so sweet to see for a change rather than all of these straight couples who seem to jump from one to another to another and so on. Now, I assume that Ellen will wear a tux as she should while Portia will probably wear a stunning gown…I believe that Roberto Cavalli designed their gear. I know I read in some magazine back when they got engaged that a major designer had given them sketches already and for some reason Cavalli is standing out in my head but don’t hold me to it! I just want to tell them congratulations for being so happy, so cute, and finally so married…just like the rest of America but hopefully they are not putting up a front & pretending to be happy like 80% of straight married Americans.

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