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Aug 18, 2008

New Season of The Hills!!!

So, how excited are we for The Hills season 4 premiere tonight kids? I can’t freaking wait, there was a marathon on yesterday & I watched some of it in an attempt to get me excited for tonight but just watching Stephanie be so 2 faced and awful made me sick & I had to turn it off. Now, I saw Audrina on Chelsea Lately the other night & she cleared up the scripted/not scripted question. The situations are scripted, the discussions & interactions are not, but now we all know how it is possible for them to always get the killer table at the killer club every single night!! I would assume that this also tells us that MTV paid for the house that L,A, and L live in together, because they wanted them to live together to cause more drama. They must make good money, because I would never allow someone else to repeatedly set me up in situations that create drama, I’m way too old for that crap!

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