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Aug 19, 2008

Divorce Deets

Phil Collins broke a record for the British, and no, it wasn’t for his music…it was for the divorce settlement that ex-wife number 3 got at a whopping $46.68 million dollars, which is higher than Heather Mills. Phil, when you are marrying someone who is 22 years younger than you, she will take you for all you have dead or alive, so you might want to consider a prenuptial agreement the next time you say I do! I’m surprised you hadn’t learned your lesson already, you are now paying out 1/3 of your net worth to ex wives…hey, I’m looking for a cash cow, what you up to next weekend? ;)

Speaking of Heather Mills & Paul…his new nickname should be Mr. Rebound because he gets more pu**y than any other old(er) dude I know I mean come on. Linda died & he was married like 2 weeks later and then shocked that it ended…well, it’s a rebound & you should have had a prenup. So that divorce took place less than a year ago & he’s all in lurve with this new broad…just some advice Sir, don’t marry her!!!!!

Donnie Wahlberg is getting a divorce…don’t everyone rush him all at once now! When I read that a “new kid” was ending his marriage I was hoping for cutie pie Joe, but no such luck for me!

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