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Aug 26, 2008

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Drama!

What is with Lo? Did you guys see the Hills last night? Was she on drugs? She’s acting all friendly with Audrina telling her she looked pretty & saying “I’m glad we talked” meanwhile Audrina is thinking “I thought I made myself clear that you don’t need to speak to me” you could see it all over her face wondering if they had the same conversation or if Lo thought Audrina was joking or something.

I am so looking forward to the coming weeks when Stephanie will show her true colors! Speaking of her, I loved her saying “this is the best birthday ever” then all the cool people left & she suddenly appeared to be thinking “this is the worst birthday ever” as she looked at Spencer & Heidi & her other 2 friends that remained. I mean come on though, how could anyone (including Stephanie) not think that they would show up? She’s his sister & they are drama crazy so of course they are going to go over the top & crash the party.

I would also like to know how Doug knows Brody & Frankie…I don’t think they all knew each other back in Laguna or wouldn’t Doug have been around in previous seasons? Is MTV just forcing these dudes to hang out for TV sake? I mean, the boys went out to dinner before the b-day party & that’s not the norm for people who don’t know each other.
As much as I love this show I hate myself for watching it because it’s so unbelievable & stupid that people are living their lives like this. I do however want to give mad props to Whitney (my fav even though she abuses the hard G) on her killer promotion, so do we think Lauren will stay on at the job or move on since Whitney is gone? I also would like to give Kelly mad props for firing that Jessica girl, she seemed like a major ball dropper!

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