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Aug 13, 2008

Johniston Over!

So, it looks like Jen got dumped again (lucky for her)! Reports are stating that they decided to take a break with the relationship to attempt to make things stronger (like that ever works) so John took off to Mexico and immediately started taking his break with various women (which I don’t get) while Jen just stayed local hanging out with her ladies. Apparently John must have enjoyed the freedom and decided to just call it quits with Jen altogether. Poor Jen, she can never seem to catch a break but then again, she was married to Brad Pitt already so I can’t really feel bad for her…she had the hottest man on the planet & lost him to (sad to say) someone hotter. After being “let go” by all of these men I’m starting to wonder if something is wrong with her or if she’s just not willing to settle (like me), either way…I feel for you sister, finding someone decent is no easy task!!

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