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Aug 5, 2008

Quit Crying!

Now, I have to bitch about something that I’ve been hearing about. A friend of mine “Logical” works with this young girl “Crier”, well not super young she’s 26 & her boyfriend “Smart” is 37. Anyway, Smart told her that he might have a job in Florida so he might be moving. They have been together for like 4 or 6 months & she is all tore up about it! Crier has been rolling into work and sobbing all day, acting like her boyfriend of 10 years told her he’s moving to France. She has been sent home early almost every day because she’s too depressed to work. She was sent to see one of the therapists at work to help her with her problem and then was sent home after that. To my knowledge she has not had to use any of her sick/personal/vacation time while sitting at home crying, she can just have the time off unpaid…for what? Her boyfriend may or may not be moving to Florida! My guess is that Smart realized she was crazy so he told her about the “job offer” so he could fake move to FL and never have to see her again! Now, Logical was bitching about Crier to her co-workers & they accused her of being insensitive. Insensitive? Are you freaking kidding me? I’m sorry, but you should not bring your personal life to work nor should you allow work to flow into your personal life, when you punch in/out that’s when your personal life starts/stops. Logical finally lost it & told Crier that her behavior was extremely inappropriate for work & if she was so broken up about this then she should see a therapist on her own time but in the mean time, buck up & get back to work instead of letting all of the work pile up on your coworkers. I can’t believe the other coworkers didn’t have an issue with it too…picking up all the slack of some overemotional broad is not the way I would want to spend my days!! Wanna know the best part? He didn't ask her to move with him if he gets the job...hence the reason I think he's pulling the Chandler Bing (with Janice) & lying about moving!
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Anonymous said...

Amen sister!