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Aug 14, 2008

Transfabulous On Top Model!

So, in the upcoming season of America's Next Top Model it appears that a transgender gal by the name of Isis is one of the new contestants. So, I read this article on Us and all of these people have this major issue with this, concerned with the bathroom situation in the house and all this other shizz. I don't see what the big flipping deal is, I mean seriously, who gives a shizz? If the girl can work it then she better work regardless if she was born a man...look at Ms. Jay, he can walk a runway better than most models & he's a man living as a man so my guess is that this girl will put all the other born that way girls to shame. You go girl, show all these outsiders who are judging you exactly why it's a waste of their time and props to Tyra & the CW for having Isis on the show & not disqualifying her because she is "different". Check out that article...other than her shoes, the girl is a looker & having male genes is in her benefit as far as the slender department goes.
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