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Aug 12, 2008

Filtered Vodka

Ok peeps, so Wendy had seen on Mythbusters that filtering your vodka yourself does work so I decided to put this to the test on my own. Friday night I bought a 5th of Popov for $9 and took it home & ran it through my DuPont (Brita style) pitcher 4 times. In the ep of Mythbusters the guys suggested doing it 3 times but my filter is nearing it's end so I opted for 4 times. Now, I did pour a small glass of the Popov as is for taste testing purposes and I also poured a small glass of Grey Goose as well...I mean, you have to have all comparisons right? Anyway, after the 4th round there was a significant taste improvement in the vodka. I tasted the original Popov, the new Popov and the Grey Goose and it's safe to say that the new Popov landed much higher than in it's original state but was definitely not as good as the Goose. Don't believe me? Try it yourself but remember, if it takes 4 rounds to get the vodka good it's gonna take at least 4 rounds to get your water back to normal in the pitcher too!
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh man, what a way to save, I'm totally gonna try this!