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Aug 27, 2008

The Hunt For the Perfect Stall

Ladies, I was at the movies a few weeks back & after the flick I had to pee so I strolled into the bathroom and began “the hunt”. It suddenly occurred to me as I was walking down the aisle opening every available stall door and peeking in, that us ladies are like dogs sniffing out the right area of grass to kill. I of course wasn’t the only woman doing this; there were 2 other women who were also narrowing down where they wanted to relieve themselves. The first woman looked inside about 8 stalls before she found a suitable one while the woman behind her only looked in about 4, which tells me that these 2 women obviously have different standards for choosing the right toilet. Woman 2 picked a stall that woman 1 had passed up for whatever reason but I’m guessing that it wasn’t lack of toilet paper. Now, I went in the 2nd stall which had been passed up by both women & I’m not sure why. There was plenty of toilet paper, no pee or anything else on the seat, nothing on the floor, and had a full stock of seat covers. Obviously these are my criteria in finding a good public toilet, and I prefer not to be in a stall next to someone if possible. Normally I won’t go into the first stall…not sure why, I just don’t and when I’m in a bathroom that is small & only has 2 stalls I go for the handicapped one if it’s open. Obviously sometimes you just don’t have time to hunt for “the one” because you are about to pee yourself but when you do have the time…what are your criteria?
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