"I Calls Em Like I Sees Em!"

Aug 27, 2008

No Thanks!

So, check out these pics of Minnie Driver super prego and in a bikini! Look, I know all these people think pregnancy is beautiful and should be appreciated but I totally disagree! I don’t want to see a fat chick in a bikini period…I don’t care if she’s fat because she loves to eat or she’s fat because she’s pregnant, please, invest in a 1 piece or a tankini, or hey how about a maternity suit? Sure, if you are at home in your own pool go ahead, swim nude but when you are in public, please cover up your belly. This goes for fat & pregnant chicks not in bathing suits as well. I don’t ever want to see your bulging gut so please cover it up when you are in public because once the damn kid is out I’ll have no choice but to look at it & the longer I can go without having to see it, the better!

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