"I Calls Em Like I Sees Em!"

Aug 21, 2008

What a Tool

Mayer the douche is now said to have ended things with Jen via text message. These stories just keep going back & forth he dumped her, she dumped him. Who cares? Jen is now thankfully free of a total effing douche bag & regardless of who ended it, good for her! I don’t know why she started it to begin with, John Mayer is crazy, unattractive & I’m now thinking has a drug problem. Why else would he keep stopping and talking to TMZ and all of these other tab shows about how cool he is?

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mike said...

I dated a girl once who had met John Mayer a bunch of times at various events and she said that he was really arrogant and a total jerk all around.

Kel said...

Why am I not surprised?!