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Aug 21, 2008

Get off the Damn Phone!

You know, at the risk of sounding like my mother I am so sick of people on cell phones while they are driving. It always seems that when I get stuck behind that tool that is going 5 under the speed limit they are on the effing phone. I usually pass them & give them a dirty look as I do, very mature I know but it’s a serious peeve of mine. Very rarely do I take or make a phone call while driving but when I do, I keep it short & I keep my eyes on my speed instead of just looking blankly out the window. So my biggest thing is who in the hell needs to be on the phone in their car at 7:30 in the morning? Nothing is so important at that time of day that it can’t wait until you are out of your car. This is morning rush hour & the speed limit is 40 & you are going 38 while all lanes around you are going 50…get off the effing phone & pay attention before I run your sorry ass off the road. I happen to know people that I will not name who can barely drive with the radio off & no distractions at all who will talk on the phone while driving. Guess what I do if I’m in the car? First I hold on for dear life & B I backseat drive & note every light, nearing vehicle, pedestrian, animal…I do this when they aren’t on the phone so imagine how I am when they are on the phone. Personally, if you have an emergency & need to make a call then pull over otherwise, wait the 10 minutes until you get to your destination & make the call then. They do make these neat Bluetooth things and systems where you can talk on your phone through your radio so really, there is no need to be physically on the phone when you are driving, ever. And one more note to those of you who are guilty of the following (not naming names) stop texting while you are driving, not only can I not read the message because everything is spelled wrong but you might spill your drink ;) Just kidding!

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mike said...

They just made it illegal in California to talk on the phone while driving without a hands-free device, but I constantly see people doing it anyway. You can usually spot them by their extremely slow and horrible driving long before you see the phone up to their ear. On the other hand, messing around with sticking an earpiece in my ear and trying to get the bluetooth to sync up while driving seems way more dangerous to me than just holding the phone.